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Fly Maui

Mar 11, 2020

The final stages of preparing for a checkride usually involves three parts: studying for the oral exam, practicing for the flight portion, and organizing everything you need to have with you for the big day. Instructors are a necessity when prepping you for the oral exam and flight, but many fall short in adequately coaching us through the organization piece. Luckily for us and our recent commercial checkrides, we utilized a fresh-to-the-industry product that took the stress off of the organization. We’ll share about how Checkride Ace was an integral part of our preparation, and other ways we got ready for the big day.



Gain the knowledge you need to pass your Private, Instrument or Commercial FAA written exam, plus “whole picture” learning that will make you a lifelong, safe aviator. Pass your checkride with flying colors with Checkride Ace.

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Vacationing in Hawaii? Book a flight with an experienced instructor and see Maui from above! Follow beautiful coastlines, spot hidden waterfalls, and see majestic humpback whales breach before your eyes. All the while gaining practical insight and instruction on over water operations, mountain flying, Class C operations, and challenging crosswind landings. Fill out the inquiry form at


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