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Fly Maui

Dec 4, 2018

The private pilot check ride is the pinnacle moment for a student pilot. After so much of your time (months for many, and years for some) has been devoted to ground study and training, the time has finally come to demonstrate your new skills. Even though your mind tells you, “My CFI wouldn’t have signed me off for my check ride if I wasn’t ready,” still every check ride brings anxiety for even the most skilled and knowledgeable pilots. Today on Episode 8, we’re going to share about our experiences with the private pilot practical test.

On the other side of your successful check ride, a new freedom awaits. For many, it’s the green light to take your family and friends for a ride and to show what you’ve been learning this whole time. It’s a ticket not only for new adventures, but a ticket to continue learning.




Here’s the old YouTube video of the oral exam that was mentioned:


What’s Next?


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