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Fly Maui

Mar 19, 2019

Small business startups are not for the faint of heart. There are issues of time and financial sacrifices to consider. In the middle of full time church ministry and running a local construction business, we found ourselves walking down the road of starting up a flight school and aviation maintenance business. Many people asked how we got into this seemingly random industry, and today we’re going to tell our aviation business story and the rewards and challenges that we’ve experienced along the way.




Episode 2: Why I Learned to Fly


Episode 11: Surviving a Plane Crash


Airplane Owner Maintenance Podcast


Gain the knowledge you need to pass your Private, Instrument or Commercial FAA written exam, plus “whole picture” learning that will make you a lifelong, safe aviator.

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Did you miss last week’s episode on the instrument knowledge test? Listen to Episode 21 here:


What’s Next?


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