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Fly Maui

Mar 5, 2019

Some pilots would venture to say that the FAA knowledge test for the instrument rating is the most difficult of all pilot exams. We don’t know if that’s true, but preparing and taking the instrument written test was definitely “next level” compared to the private pilot test. On today’s episode we’re going to share what motivated us to pull up the boot straps, get focused, study, and knock out the exam this past month. We realize each person’s study methods and learning process is different. But we hope sharing our journey will give you some helpful ideas, or at least encourage you to set some goals if you’re in the same phase of training that we are.




Gain the knowledge you need to pass your Private, Instrument or Commercial FAA written exam, plus “whole picture” learning that will make you a lifelong, safe aviator.

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Did you miss last week’s episode on the private pilot knowledge test? Listen to Episode 20 here:


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